Selling snake oil

Stuff reports:

NZ First Leader Winston Peters says he’s not just in Invercargill for his public meeting to “Save Tiwai” because it’s an election year.

Winston’s claims he can “Save Tiwai” should be seen in the same league as King Canute holding back the tide.

Both King Canute and Winston knew they can’t achieve what the desired goal. But the difference is Canute was trying to teach people that somethings were outside his power, while Winston is trying to do the opposite and con several thousand desperate families.

However, Peters wants the smelter to remain open long-term and has pushed for a worker/management buy-out of Tiwai.

I’ve got a better idea.

If Winston truly believes that Tiwai is a profitable business, he should buy it. Maybe even the NZ First Foundation could chip in.

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