The case for Judith

The National caucus meets tonight to elect a new leader. I don’t know who is standing, but I will blog on candidates as they declare.

For each candidate I will do a blog post on the case for them, as I see it.

I assume Judith Collins will be a candidate. What is the case for Judith:

  • Experienced. Has been an MP for 18 years, and a Minister for nine years
  • Well-known: Doesn’t need to be introduced to the public
  • Assured: Judith would be confident in taking on Ardern and Labour
  • Economic credibility: former Minister of Revenue and Energy & Resources
  • Strong media presence: Does weekly spots on the AM Show
  • Strong brand: Labour are trying to say no one knows what National stands for now. People know what Judith stands for

As I said, I’ll do a case for any other candidates as they declare.

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