ACT attacks Ad

The Herald reports:

The Labour Party has posted an ad on Facebook featuring a visit by Minister Jacinda Ardern to ESR and the national contact tracing centre, with a brief appearance by director of health Ashley Bloomfield.

leader David Seymour described it is scandalous and that no public servants should be used to help political parties to campaign.

But a spokeswoman for Ardern said the did not break any rules, despite the decision later being taken to take the advert down for a re-edit.

“To even think it might be okay to go and use a Government department to shoot a political ad is just extraordinary,” Seymour said.

“One of the hallmarks of a democracy is you don’t get to use the power of Government for your own re-election.”

Wasn’t it the PM said one shouldn’t politicise the Covid-19 response, and then goes and uses footage of the DG of Health in a campaign ad!

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