Government falls short on Police promise by one third

The Government promised 1,800 additional Police Officers in its first term. Well two months out from the election they are going to fall short by around one third.

Now I guess you can say falling short by one third is better than falling short by 95% as they have done in other areas, but it is still a huge miss.

As at 30 June 2020 there were 1,260 additional police officers compared to 30 September 2017. And 880 of those 1,260 extra were actually funded by National in the 2017 Budget so in fact they’ve only added on 380 beyond what was already planned, compared to their promise of 920 (on top of the 880) so either way they have fallen way short.

They know this of course, whis is why they started blatantly lying this year and pretending their promise was for new recruits rather than for increasing the overall numbers of officers.

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