My response to Peters accepted by Speaker for incorporation in the parliamentary record

On the 22nd of July Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters alleged that I was part of a grand conspiracy of people who knew about his superannuation overpayments and leaked it to the media. This allegation was made under the absolute privilege of Parliament. It is of course totally false.

There is a little known standing order (159) that allows someone referred to in the House by name who has been adversely affected by the reference to submit a response to be considered by the Speaker for incorporation into the parliamentary record.

The Speaker has determined that my response should be incorporated, and it was tabled in the House this afternoon. One by Rachel Morton was also accepted and tabled.

The details of my response are:

The Right Honourable Winston Peters on the 22nd of July 2020 stated in the General Debate that I was told by Jordan Williams about Mr Peters’ superannuation and that I was involved in breaching Mr Peters’ right to privacy.

The statement by Mr Peters is incorrect. I did not discuss or disclose, in any way or form, details of his superannuation prior to reports appearing in the media about it.

I know this for a certainty as I was totally unaware of there being any issue around Mr Peters’ superannuation until it was reported in the media.

I’m pleased that Standing Orders allow ordinary citizens who are smeared by MPs under parliamentary privilege to be able to have their responses incorporated into the parliamentary record.