Stuff wrong on Maori seats

Stuff reported:

Most agree Māori Parliament seats should be kept

That was the headline but their own data contradicts that. Now it was an unscientific survey so doesn’t represent the views of all NZers but the headline should reflect their own data.

Here’s what the six main identity groups said on the Maori seats:

  • NZ European Keep 34%, Abolish 39%
  • Pakeha Keep Keep 70%, Abolish 12%
  • New Zealander Keep 23%, Abolish 51%
  • Maori Keep 71%, Abolish 19%
  • Asian Keep 33%, Abolish 36%
  • Pasifika Keep 60%, Abolish 20%

Now if you weight those results by the numbers in each group in the survey you get an overall result of Keep 35% and Abolish 39%.

Another interesting aspect of the survey was those who identify as Pakeha were less likely to want colonial statues to remain up as Maori themselves were. 41% of Maori want the statues to remain (34% to go) and only 28% of those who identify as Pakeha.

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