How people voted on cannabis, and specials

On my Patreon I have posted an analysis of how 33 different demographic groups voted in the cannabis referendum.

People are also interested in how specials could affect the results. On the assumption that the 480,000 estimated specials are all valid, then here is how many would have to vote a particular way to change the provisional result.

Cannabis – would need 67.5% to vote yes and 32.5% to vote no to have yes win.

Euthanasia – even if 100% of specials were no, yes would still win by 55% to 45%.

If special voters are say 10% more liberal (yes votes 10% higher) than provisional voters, what would final results be.

  • Cannabis Yes 48.2%, No 51.8%
  • Euthanasia Yes 67.5%, No 32.5%

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