Should National stand in the Maori seats?

Stuff reports:

The National Party looks set to run candidates in the Māori electorates in the 2023 election.

Leader Judith Collins confirmed the party’s board is keen on the idea, although a formal decision has yet to be made.

The last election National ran candidates in the seats was 2002. It didn’t run candidates in 2005 and has continued to stay away from the Māori seats since then.

Collins told Stuff that there had been ongoing discussions with the National Party board about running in the seats, and the board was broadly supportive. If the board gives the go-ahead, the party could start looking for candidates who would run in the seats in 2023.

The strongest argument for standing in the Maori seats is that it may boost the party vote for National in those seats.

You can have a principled view that you think the electoral system would be better without the Maori seats, but also recognise that while they exist National should compete in them.

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