Select Committees composition

CommitteeLabourGreensMaoriLabour %
Econ Dev, , Innovation3260%
Education, Workforce521156%
Finance, Expenditure631155%
Foreign , Defence, Trade32150%
Governance, Administration3260%
Primary Production32150%
Regulations 321143%
Social Services, Community521156%
Transport, Infrastructure521156%

The table above shows how many members each party has on the various select committees and other committees.

Labour has a majority on 8 of the 15 committees. On a further five it comprises half the committee so can block any business it doesn't like. On two committees (Petitions and Regulations Review) it does not have a majority.

National has two or three MPs on each committee. The ones with three are Finance, Health and Justice which might indicate areas of focus.

The Greens have chosen (as they don't qualify for all) to not be on Development, Governance, Justice and Primary Production – none of which are core areas for them, so quite sensible.

ACT have chosen not to go on Economic Development, Foreign Affairs, Governance and Maori Affairs – also pretty sensible.

The Maori Party has chosen to go on the Environment and Maori Affairs committees.