Wisdom from a young Labour MP

The Herald reports:

Labour list MP , the second youngest MP at 26, came to New Zealand from Beijing, China, when she was 5. Her father had arrived two years earlier with $200 in his pocket. …

She said she only ever wanted to be a housewife, and was shoulder-tapped into politics at her high school Chinese committee, then with the NZ Chinese Students’ Association as president, where she realised most Chinese students never integrated.

“They come to New Zealand but still hang out in their own groups, seeking employment from Chinese businesses which, I soon realised. reflected the wider Chinese community.

I believe that every migrant needs to integrate into New Zealand by adopting Kiwi values. We shouldn’t ever condone racism, but instead, be able to let each culture adapt to New Zealand so that it becomes a uniquely Kiwi-Chinese Kiwi-Korean Kiwi-Muslim culture.

“The harmonisation of New Zealand values and cultural heritage, that’s what I see as the biggest challenge in our society during the years I will serve in this house.”

Wise words from Naisi Chen. I am a huge fan of and I don’t care about which country they’re from or their ethnicity. But I do care about integrating into New Zealand, especially the second generation.

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