Housing waitlist grows again

Stuff reports:

The waitlist for public housing has continued its steady march upwards, with 22,409 eligible households waiting for a state or social home at the end of November.

That is a jump of about 1000 since the end of September and is a record high.

It comes as both and house prices are surging in a red- property market.

The waitlist has exploded in recent years, growing by about 8000 in the last year and more than quadrupling since the Labour-led was elected in 2017.

Here’s what the increase has been every year:

  • 2016: +1,295
  • 2017: +1,411
  • 2018: +4,530
  • 2019: +4,157
  • 2020 (11 months) +7,540

I expect it to get even worse in 2021 as the continues to increase costs on landlords which sends rental prices higher.

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