The MP’s tweet the media won’t report

This (now deleted) tweet from Maori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi proclaims caucasians as an archaic species that is becoming extinct.

As of 8 am Thursday I have not seen it reported in a single media outlet.

Now imagine an ACT MP had sent a tweet where he or she said Maori are an archaic species that is becoming extinct. Do you think there would be no reporting of that?

On the contrary media would be camped outside the ACT Party offices demanding to know if the MP has yet been sacked. It would be leading every news bulletin in the country.

Now to make it clear, I think Waititi’s tweet is stupid, not harmful. My issue is the double standard.


Hilariously the tweet is now being blamed on a junior staffer. When National used that line around a petition being removed from a website (and staffers are far more likely to be running a website than tweeting on behalf of an MP) it led to weeks of stories mocking them, and demands that the staffer be identified etc.

But it’s now almost 11 am and still not a single story on the tweet.

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