Crimes that Labour thinks should be punlished less than”hate speech”

The Cabinet Paper revealed Labour is planning to increase the maximum penalty for so called “hate speech” from three months to three years. So how does compare to other crimes. The following crimes all have a maximum sentence of less than three years, so Labour thinks speech crimes are worse than the following:

  • Unlawful Assembly 1 year
  • Rioting 2 years
  • Forcible Entry 1 year
  • Distribution of indecent material 2 years
  • Indecent in public place 2 years
  • Criminal nuisance 1 year
  • Misconduct of human remains 2 years
  • Concealing dead body of child 2 years
  • Assault on a child 2 years
  • Assault by male on female 2 years
  • Common assault 1 year
  • Providing explosive to commit crime 2 years

The three year maximum penalty for hate speech will be the same as for infanticide!

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