Wrong name for complaining

Stuff reports:

A Hawke’s Bay man is calling for an offensive number-plate series to be removed from circulation after he received one for his new car.

Earlier this year, James Crow and his family needed a new plate for a recently purchased car so went along to collect it.

They were shocked when they found the first three letters on the number plate were “NGR”.

“We arrived at the AA Centre to receive it and as we drove in … my wife saw it first and said, ‘Oh my, we can’t have that on the front of our car’,” Crow told RNZ.

Have to laugh that a Jim Crow is complaining about a NGR number plate. He’s also a former Green candidate.

Being rather precious also. If I saw a number plate NGR187 I would not think of the N word.

You can in fact get personalised plates which are far closer to it such as NGGR, NIGR, I think those plates are getting rather edgy especially with no numbers. But NGR187 seems a stretch.