Confusion and lies on hate speech law

First have a look at the Minister of Justice.

Faafoi doesn’t rule out millennials could be convicted of hate speech if they say they hate boomers for keeping house prices high. Also expressing your view on whether trans athletes should compete at the Olympics. Even thating a biblical view that homosexuals go to hell, the Minister wouldn’t rule out.

And we also have Tova fisking Jacinda Ardern for her false claims:

is wrong about her own hate speech law. Completely and utterly wrong.

Not only is the Prime Minister wrong about the basic facts of the proposal, she was wrong to shut down debate on hate speech on The AM Show this morning with her glib, inaccurate dismissals

Tova points out:

Ardern is now contesting that, saying the law will only apply if it ‘incites violence’. That is wrong, the proposed threshold is as low as ‘insulting’ someone. 

We already have laws against inciting violence.

The Prime Minister was dismissive about the interview and said we were trivialising the need for the law change – the terror attacks on March 15. 

It is insulting and irresponsible to pit journalists – or anyone who questions or debates the legislation – as somehow being in opposition to the needs of the victims of March 15th. 

March 15th was beyond terrible. But nothing in these proposed law changes would have prevented what happened.

“In the interview from the Nation they implied political opinion is included it is not”

Wrong. The proposal seeks to protect more groups. According to the discussion document, “this may include some or all of the other grounds in the Human Rights Act. These grounds are listed in section 21 of the Act”.

Section 21 of the Act includes:

(j) political opinion, which includes the lack of a particular political opinion or any political opinion: 

The irony of including political opinion, is it will allow white supremacists to claim people who criticise them are directing hate speech towards them for their political opinions. In the past I have called a group of neo-nazis a collection of men with very small penises. Under this law the neo nazis could complain I am inciting hatred towards them for their political opinion.

When host Duncan Garner put forward an example of offending a staunch christian by saying christianity is over the top and mad. The Prime Minister said it wouldn’t be included because, “You’re not inciting someone to go out and take his life”

What??? Wrong. She’s now re-re-writing the law on the hoof, strengthening her already made up threshold of ‘inciting violence’ to now be inciting death. This is getting weirder by the second. 

It is clear that one can not take anything the PM says on this issue as the truh.

Audrey Young also comments:

In the four days since the Government outlined changes to “hate speech” law, it has become obvious from comments by the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, that she does not understand them.

Either she doesn’t understand them or she is lying about the, I tend to side with Audrey and think it is ignorance not malice.

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