Govt may backtrack on billion dollar bike bridge

NZ Herald reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson wants the Government to bring forward work on a second Waitematā crossing, likely to be a tunnel.

It is understood that the Government is also considering scrapping its $785 million walking and cycling bridge over the harbour.

On Tuesday, Robertson would not confirm that the walking and cycling bridge would definitely be going ahead, only that the bridge was the current proposal.

When asked whether he would renege on building the bridge, Robertson said “we continually look at the network and the programme to make sure that it works well”.

The billion dollar bike bridge is deeply unpopular. Polling Curia did for the Taxpayers’ Union found only 18% in favour and 63% opposed to it. And a massive 52% said they were strongly opposed.

While not a sole factor, this has been part of why Labour dropped 10% in the recent polls. The public think they are obsessed with cyclists and hate motorists, so dumping the billion dollar bike bridge is necessary for political viability.

UPDATE: A Newshub poll has also found that the billion dollar bridge is about as popular as vomit. They found 82% opposed and just 12% in favour. Even 76% of Labour voters are opposed.

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