Greens hate Churchill, remove his portrait

NewstalkZB reports:

A historian says it’s absurd for the Greens to have a painting of Winston Churchill removed from outside their offices.

The portrait has long hung on the second floor of Parliament outside the doors which lead to the public galleries above the Debating Chamber.

Members of the public would walk past it on their way to watch Parliament.

Despite hanging in a public part of the building, the portrait hangs directly outside the Green Party’s parliamentary offices. The party has only recently moved into those offices, after a reshuffle of parliamentary office space.

The Party maintains the issue was it not being Kiwi art, but co-leader James Shaw has also claimed Churchill had “racist instincts”.

National’s Judith Collins has called it offensive.

AUT Professor Paul Moon told Heather du Plessis-Allan it’s not behaviour you’d expect from adults.

I’ve been predicting cancel culture would one day extend to Winston Churchill, and the Greens have proven me right.

Anyone who has studied history knows that of course Winston’s record before WWII was blemished, or worse. This is in fact why I like him so much – he was definitely someone with huge failings and weaknesses.

And of course someone born in 1874 will have vastly different views on races than someone born in 1974. The world has changed massively.

But beyond doubt he was the man for the moment for WWII and his sublime role in defeating the forces of Nazism and fascism dwarf everything else he has done by many orders of magnitude.

No doubt the Greens will want to take down any portraits of Leonardo da Vinci as he slept with his pupils. And Barack Obama must be condemned as an opponent of same sex marriage.

And William Wilberforce may have got slavery abolished but did you know he supported the dissection of criminals, so he must be canceled.

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