Could more have been done?

After a terrorist attack, a natural and important questions to ask, is could more have been done to prevent it? shouldn't be seen as political or partisan.

It is early days, but I have to say it does sound like the Government had done pretty much everything they could within the to prevent this. I may be wrong, and it is important that there be a proper inquiry, but if someone is actually determined to attack others without fear for their own life, it is hard to stop them.

Details will come out soon, but it sounds like all legal options had been tried to prosecute him previously, but the law wasn't adequate and is in the process of being changed.

I will be interested in whether was an option, and if this was tried.

It sounds like he was only armed with a knife, which means he wasn't able to get hold of a firearm which could have seen a huge death toll. It is very hard to stop someone possessing a knife.

He was a known threat, so not someone who slipped under the radar. The 24/7 Police surveillance, beyond doubt, save many lives.

I feel for the poor police officers who had to spend months or years following him around, knowing that sooner or later he was going to try and murder people, and they would have to intervene within second, probably with lethal force. I can't even imagine the toll that would take on your mental health.

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