Islamic terror attacks in the West are far less common since 2017

Any terrorist attack strikes fear in the community. That is the point of them. It is rational to be afraid that you could get attacked or killed randomly when shopping, or at a concert etc.

But what people may not be aware of, is that the number of Islamic inspired terrorist attacks in Western countries is a tiny proportion of what they were, even a few years ago. The defeat of ISIL in Syria and Iraq has seen the number of attacks in the West decline massively. Of course any attack, is one too many – but look at the difference between the last few years and 2015 to 2017. In 2016 341 innocents killed and 1,144 wounded. So far in 2021 there have been only 19 killed and 20 (26 including the NZ attack) wounded. That’s a 94% reduction to those killed and a 98% reduction in those wounded.

When compiling this data, I was surprised how massive the toll was in 2004 when there were 725 killed and 2,719 wounded.

Any attack is unacceptable, but the massive decline in attacks in the last few years shows that the fight against extremism is working.

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