A challenge for readers

I posted this challenge on Twitter and enjoyed reading for the next couple of days, people responding with praise and more for people from the other side of the political aisle.

I strongly think this is important. I think the United States faces huge problems as people’s political identification has become more important than their shared citizenship. As each side considers the other side as treasonous, then anything is justified to claim or hold power.

New Zealand is lucky that we are not there yet, and I hope we don’t end up there. I will vehemently critique the policies, beliefs and performance of MPs where I think they are bad for New Zealand. But that does not mean I think those MPs and their supporters are bad. We just disagree. The moment you become incapable of seeing good in those you disagree with, then you become the problem.

Some of the responses yesterday were (starting with me):

My challenge to readers is to do the same in the comments, and cite someone you like or respect despite them being someone whose politics you disagree with. And I mean genuine compliments, not along the lines of “X because they are too incompetent to do real harm”.

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