An MP who knows no shame

The BBC reports:

An MP who made threatening phone calls to a woman because she was jealous of her relationship with her partner has been found guilty of harassing her.

Claudia Webbe, 56, a former Labour MP for Leicester East, who is now independent, was found guilty of one charge of harassment.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard she made several calls over two years and threatened the woman with acid.

What gets me, is she still denies it.

She claimed a recorded phone call on 25 April in which Webbe was heard saying “get out of my relationship” 11 times was taken out of context.

Webbe said it had been during a heated argument with Mr Thomas over breaching the Covid-19 lockdown with Ms Merritt.

“I simply called her and asked her not to break lockdown with Lester,” she said.

“She was breaking the rules and I was just pointing it out. I’m the victim.”

So Webbe thinks she is the real victim, and she was only concerned about lockdown rules when she called the other woman 16 times.

Webbe claimed she was a victim of “domestic abuse and coercive control” and was being “goaded and gaslighted” during the row, which resulted in police being called after a neighbour reported her screams.

She confirmed she was still in a relationship with Mr Thomas and they were engaged.

So she claims her partner was cheating on her, abusing her and coercively controlling her – but’s she happinly engaged to him!

Webbe previously said: “I have spent my lifetime campaigning for the rights of women, for challenging this type of behaviour and this is not something that is in my character and not something I would ever do.”

It sounds like Harvey Weinstein reminding everyone how many feminist causes he had championed.

Paul Hynes QC representing Webbe read out character references from former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott.

No wonder she was found guilty!

However, District Judge Paul Goldspring said he had found Webbe “untruthful” in her evidence.

“Some of the things she said I believe were made up on the spur of the moment,” he said.

“Some things she said in the witness box just don’t bear scrutiny.

“In short, I find Ms Webbe to be vague, incoherent and at times illogical.”

A perfect fit for UK Labour 🙂

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