Garner lets loose

Duncan Garner writes at NBR:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her government have been exposed. The myth has been busted and only the truly deluded and card-carrying sycophants surely now think they’ve handled this pandemic well.

Just before half-time in the battle against Covid, Ardern left the field to take selfies and sign autographs, thinking the game was won.

The rest is called Delta. Can someone please pass this on to the luvvies who see her as a demi-god?

Ardern’s crew got lucky when Covid hit us the first time. But not now.

The sham has been revealed, the pandemic has turned nasty, and I suspect the voter worm is heading south too.

Put simply, this government had a couple of jobs to do once it realised we had dodged the first bullet. It had to prepare our health system for the well-documented second coming called Delta. And it had to secure a vaccine and get it into our arms as quickly as possible.

The result was no extra staffed ICU beds and until the Delta outbreak we had the slowest rollout in the developed world.

[Rest of quoted column deleted, to stay within fair use law. You can subscribe to NBR to see the full column]

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