Labour down in two polls

The Herald reports:

has taken a shellacking in the two new polls as the ongoing lockdown in Auckland starts to bite.

A leaked copy of Talbot Mills poll (formerly UMR) shows Labour has dropped by five points to 41 per cent in the last month – its lowest result since January 2020, before hit .

The latest Taxpayers' Union poll out today also showed Labour had crashed six points to 39 per cent – while National was up four points to 26 per cent.

In both polls, Prime Minister Ardern has also taken a hit in polling.

Both polls still show Labour forming a Government with the Greens, but the trend is what is most important and the gap is shrinking between Labour/Greens and National/ACT.

The Taxpayers' Union/Curia poll highlights are here.

 In September the gap between National/ACT vs Labour/Green was 19.2%. Last month it was 12.1%. The gap is now 5.8%.

Also of importance is for the first time since the GFC more New Zealanders think the country is heading in the wrong direction than the right direction. 

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