Omicron 91% less deadly

An interesting tweet about how Omicron is a massive 91% less deadly than Delta. It was wrong to compare the original version of Covid-19 and the delta version to the flu, but the Omicron version is comparable. It is highly highly infectious, but massively less deadly.

And in case anyone thinks this comes from an anti-vaxxer, the tweeter is the Director of the US CDC.

I’m 100% in favour of people choosing to get vaccinated as the benefits of doing so massively outweigh the risks. But what Omicron is showing is that the justification for the public health restrictions of the last two years is much reduced. Our strategy for Omicron should be different to Delta. It should be about mass rapid testing. It won’t be about contact tracing (which will be impossible as Omicron will spread so fast).

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