Poll results on why people got vaccinated

This week did a poll for Family First on vaccinations and mandates. As far as I know it is the first poll to ask why people got vaccinated – was it motivated by health reasons, or due to coercive measures if they didn't get vaccinated.

The full results are here.

In terms of why they got vaccinated the findings were:

  • Protect personal health, 70% said it was a large or the main factor
  • Protect health of others, 76% large/main
  • Due to vaccine pass, 36% large/main
  • Due to 31% large/main

The results suggest that only 70% to 75% of those vaccinated did so primarily for health
reasons. Around a third of those vaccinated said vaccine mandate or pass requirements was a
large factor in their decision.

Why this is important is the (and repeated by many in the ) keeps saying 94% of adults have been vaccinated, so those against are only 6%. But that is an incorrect way to interpret it. Because a significant minority of that 94% only did so because the state coerced them into it through vaccine mandates. So this is why opposition to vaccine mandates is greater than 6% and many of those opposed are themselves vaccinated.

Another key finding was that people support flexibility with the mandates. 61% think unvaccinated employees should be able to keep their job if they agree to have regular rapid antigen testing as an alternative. This is not a radical right policy, but in fact the policy of Joe Biden. Yet it won't even be considered here.

Even Labour voters support this flexibility. This measure was supported by 74% of 2020 voters, 70% of National voters and 58% of Labour voters. Only 2020 Green voters were not majority in support, but still a plurality at 42%. So such a change would have broad coass-party appeal.

Another interesting finding is the difference between respondents who were double and triple vaccinated. 80% of those who are triple vaccinated did so reasons of protecting their health. But only 54% of those double vaccinated cited health as a large factor. This suggests that there will be significant hesitancy in getting a booster as boosters are not mandated.

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