The stupidity of maintaining a closed border now

This chart shows the ratio of the number of new covid-19 cases each day in the community as opposed to the border. At the beginning of the month it was 1.6 to 1 so you could understand caution at that stage.

By the 7th of February the ratio 7 community cases for every border case. So the border represented 13% of the total cases.

By the 14th of February the ratio was 39 community cases for every border case. The border is 2.5% of the total cases.

Fast forward another week and on the 21st the ratio was 197 community cases for every border case. The border is 0.5% of the total cases.

And today there were 8 (not 80, not 800 but 8) border cases and 6,137 community cases. The ratio is 767 to 1 with the border making up 0.13% of total cases.

Despite this the border remains basically closed to triple vaxxed New Zealand citizens who have tested negative for Covid-19 and want to return home.

It’s insane. There is no public health benefit from doing so. It is merely punitive now.

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