All normal – school girls brawling with guns!

The Herald reported:

A gun was pulled out during a fight between Ōtāhuhu students earlier this week and held to a young woman’s head.

Two girls in school uniform can be seen fighting, grabbing each other by the hair. As the pair continue to fight a group surrounding them can be heard yelling.

“Motherf***er” one person yells.

Later in the footage, a woman is seen holding what appears to be a gun.

She holds the gun up, pointing it at a person in a green jumper while screaming at her.

“You touch my sister again, touch her, touch her,” the woman with the gun yells.

She then walks over to the woman in the green jumper and presses the gun to her head.

Is this New Zealand today – school girls carrying guns and brandishing them in while fighting?

Have the Police made an arrest yet?

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