Hospitality magazine calls for Ardern to go

The Restaurant & Cafe Hospitality Magazine e-mailed subscribers last week and said:

Hey Jacinda, 3 Strikes and You're Out!

Strike 1: The Finance Minister can't seem to do the math, with the criteria for the new Government support package making most hospitality businesses ineligible.

Strike 2: Mixed messages from Government and District Boards are driving business owners insane, because while Grant urged people to go to work to support surrounding hospitality and retail outlets, workers at New Zealand's biggest businesses and government departments are being encouraged to work from home, decimating CBD based businesses.

Strike 3: No one seems to want to acknowledge that for every cafe, restaurant, bar or tourism business there is a swathe of businesses upstream that supply them, from ingredients, products, tech, packaging, services and many more. It's only a matter of time before hospitality's pressure pot boils over as mutterings of a no-confidence vote abound. Time to kick the inexperienced to the curb and let those who have experience in business take over.

can't recall a trade magazine before ever taking a stand and calling on a Government to go. They don't tend to be political. I can only imagine they are reflecting the overwhelming view of their industry.

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