Nice work if you can get it

Stuff reports:

's four commissioners have earned more than $1.1 million in the year they have been leading the council. …

Mahuta set remuneration at $1800 a day for the commission chair and $1500 for commissioners.

According to the council's remuneration figures, Tolley was paid $358,200 for 200 days work between February 2021 and February 2022.

Selwood earned $261,000 for 174 days, Rolleston worked 174.5 days and was paid $261,750 and Wasley earned $275,250 for 183.5 days work.

Tauranga City Council services manager Coral Hair says the reason for the difference in the days worked by the commissioners is because of their different duties and responsibilities.

These include appointments to regional joint committees, and they may also be asked to attend different events or meetings on the commission's behalf, says Hair.

So if a Commissioner attends some function, then they get paid more money. Nice work.

Shouldn't the Commissioners get salaries, instead of hourly or daily ?

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