So sanctions against Russia are not urgent

The Government declined on Tuesday to use urgency to introduce legislation to allow sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. I guess they think an invasion doesn’t require an urgent response.

Now contrast that to what they have used urgency for in the last four years, and what does that tell you about priorities. They include:

  • introducing regional fuel taxes
  • a levy on international visitors
  • abolishing election for Waikato DHB
  • reducing the amount a foreign person can donate to a party
  • giving prisoners the vote
  • classifying on demand videos
  • abolishing the right of voters to decide on local Maori wards

So when the Government wants to give prisoners the vote or remove the vote from ratepayers it needs urgency. But to legislate for sanctions against Russia, no urgency at all.

if any designers out there want to create a graphic showing what Labour will and will not use urgency for, feel free to do so and post links to graphics. I’ll happily share them on social media.

And it has been done, thanks Andy.

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