Were 90% of pandemic job losses really women?

Radio NZ reported:

Women make up about 90 percent of those who lost jobs during the pandemic, while many shouldered heavy economic, emotional or care-giving burdens. …

Mirroring these trends, women in Aotearoa New Zealand faced greater economic, social and health challenges than men.

In 2020, women made up 90 percent of pandemic-related redundancies.

I recall hearing that 90% figure before, but off memory it may have just been referring to one quarter or so.

The HLFS data shows that in 2020 the number of men in jobs rose by 15,000 or 1.0% and the number of women in jobs rose by 2,000 or 0.2%. So at the end of 2020 more women were in jobs.

In 2021 a further 35,000 men were in jobs and 66,000 women.

So compared to the end of 2019, there are today 3.5% more men in jobs and 5.3% more women in jobs.

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