Green Party says it was racist to have Jeanette and Rod as leaders

The Herald reports:

The Green Party has scrapped its male co-leader requirement and added one to ensure Māori representation.

The party convened over the weekend for a special meeting where its members voted to implement the changes to its constitution immediately.

The two co-leaders now need to constitute one woman, and one person of any gender (providing leadership pathways for non-binary and intersex). One co-leader also needs to be Māori.

So under this new rule, you would never have had Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald as co-leaders.

It also means that Chloe Swarbrick can’t replace Marama Davidson as a co-leader as Chloe is not Maori. She could replace James though.

Leach said politics had never provided a “level playing field” for Māori and Pasifika peoples, people of different genders, rainbow communities, and women.


21% of Parliament is Maori – much higher than their share of the adult population.

8% of Parliament is Pasifika – slightly higher than their 7% share of the adult population.

49% of Parliament is female, marginally below their 50.4% share of the adult population.

11% of Parliament is LGBT – much higher than their share of the adult population.

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