Meet the Labour law breakers

It’s a basic and well known law – you can’t campaign for votes on election day. So who in Labour decided this doesn’t apply to them for the Tauranga by-election?

So this is the Labour candidate (and Cabinet Minister) flagrantly breaking the law and campaigning for votes on election day. Now sure you expect members of the public or even some low level activists not to know the law, but this is the actual candidate herself.

And this message comes from an official Labour Party account, which must be run by an MP and/or staff. Absolutely blatant breaking of the law. They can’t even claim it was merely mistimed as they explicitly refer to the byelection being today.
And a prominent left blogger doing the same.

Anyway the polls have now closed. The Electoral Commission hopes to have half the polling places reported by 9 pm and 95% of them by 1030 pm.

UPDATE: The last screenshot from a No Right Turn is not the blogger as I assumed, but someone else using that phrase.

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