Meet another person Labour wants to give parole eligibility to

Stuff reports:

When Phillip James Williams crashed his red Ford Falcon into a power pole at a speed of at least 112kph, he did so to try “to get rid of” his partner.

After she had been flung about 13 metres from the vehicle, she woke up on the crash scene screaming and realised Williams seemed disappointed she had survived.

Williams, 36, was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment in the High Court in Christchurch on Wednesday after he had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, two counts of assault, and impaired driving causing injury.

Because Williams received his second strike warning for his latest offending, he will serve his full sentence without the possibility of earlier release on parole. Williams has 48 prior convictions.

Thanks to three strikes, Williams is locked up for nine years. Labour is changing the law so that he will be eligible for parole after just three years. He has 48 previous convictions, yet they think he just needs another chance!

Experts had found Williams was at high risk of intimate partner offending. This was not the first time he had been violent towards a partner. In 2017, he was convicted of kidnapping, threatening to kill and assault after he had threatened to drive his partner at the time off a cliff at 120kph. She managed to escape.

Sooner or later he will probably kill someone.

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