Worst rebrand ever?

The Herald reports:

Vodafone’s NZ chief executive has defended the company’s rebranding to One New Zealand amid criticism the new name has white supremacist connotations.

The telecommunications company ditched the red and white used by Vodafone globally in favour of an emerald or greenstone green.

However, it now shares a similar name to the One New Zealand Foundation, an organisation that describes itself as “concerned about increasing privilege being given to one race of people over all other[s]” and has called the Waitangi Tribunal “an undemocratic and secretive institution”.

The telco’s chief executive officer Jason Paris took to social media to defend the company’s new name.

“One NZ stands for the best of NZ (diversity, inclusion, trust, innovation etc),” he tweeted.

Vodafone is uber-woke so it is hilarious that they chose a new brand name that was best known for being the exact opposite.

I thought Telecom’s rebranding to Spark was a good move (and worked well) but One New Zealand is just so blah.