A 421 day waiting list for a state house for the most needy

We all know the state house waiting list has grown massively under , but possibly we assumed that those on it were the lower priority families. Well the waiting list is divided up into Priority A and Priority B and within Priority A those in the most urgent need are category A20.

In 2017 those in urgent need waited an average of 45 days or six week to be housed. Not perfect, but perhaps a tolerable time. It means any emergency for them would be relatively brief.

Today as at the first quarter of 2022, those in category A20 are waiting an average of 421 days or 60 weeks.

And it isn't just the time that has got longer. In 2017 when Labour claimed we had a housing crisis, there were only 3 families in category A20. This year there are 297 so an almost 10,000% increase.

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