The slaughter of the lambs

With the exception of Wellington, the major local body races were a disaster for the left today. Labour should be very worried so many of its supporters were wiped out. I’m not jut talking the big cities, but all over the place. Starting from the North.


Wayne Brown won in a landslide over Efeso Collins with a 55,000 majority to date. A huge mandate for change. But it wasn’t just the Mayor.

In Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa C&R won (for now by 300 votes) the second seat off Julie Fairey, who is close to royalty on the left.

In Howick Maurice Williamson took out Paul Young who often voted left.

In Waitākere Ken Turner took out Linda Cooper who also often voted with Goff.

And in what will hurt most of all in Waitematā and Gulf, Mike Lee took out Pippa Coom. Now Lee is a long-term leftish but he is a fiscally responsible old school one and hated by the woke left who adored Coom.

This gives the CR a clear majority on the Council. Also a Mayor who will loudly stand up to the central Government on issues.


The retiring Mayor is a former Labour MP. The new Mayor is a former National candidate. Tania Tapsell got almost twice as many votes as the runner up.


A huge upset here. I wasn’t even aware incumbent Hamish McDouall (former Labour candidate) had a serious challenger. But he lost by 2,000 votes to Andrew Tripe after being re-elected unopposed in 2019. Tripe stood on an anti-three waters platform.

Lower Hutt

Labour’s Campbell Barry did get re-elected but by a narrow 1,300 majority, helped by hugely favourable coverage in the local media.


Wellington is to New Zealand what San Francisco is to the United States. It went heaving Green, but significant that the Labour endorsed candidate came fourth.


Nelson has had a very left leaning Council but former National MP Nick Smith won handily over the former Green candidate.


The moderate Phil Mauger replaces former Labour MP Lianne Dalziel and her preferred candidate of David Meates lost to Mauger.

Possibly more shocking is the ward results. Left leaning Mike Davidson lost out massively to Victoria Henstock. Likewise Pauline Cotter lost to Ali Jones. Both won easily in 2019 and their defeat means the left have lost control of Christchurch.


I had not followed Dunedin closely. I just assumed Green Party’s Aaron Hawkins would easily get back in as he had a massive majority in 2019 but he lost in a landslide to Jules Radich. When Dunedin goes right, you know you have a sea change.

There were many reasons why so many left candidates lost – three waters, anti-car transport priorities, rates affordability etc. If Labour is sensible they will listen to the voters and ditch their Three Waters legislation. But if they refuse to listen, well they may get the same shock next year.

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