Rapist of 94 year old could be out in 10 years thanks to Three Strikes repeal

The Herald reported:

A man who raped a 94-year-old woman during a brutal and prolonged home invasion later told a psychologist he intended to kill his victim.

Hawira Duncan, 26, was prevented from doing so when two ambulance officers turned up at the woman’s Napier house, alerted by the victim’s personal alarm.

If not for that, she would be dead.

Duncan was jailed last month for 15 years with no chance of being released before 2032, for rape and a raft of other charges involving three victims.

So he could be out in 10 years, and definitely out in 15.

By the age of 25, he had received two strikes under the now-repealed “three strikes” legislation.

If the Government had not repealed Three Strikes he should have got a 20 year sentence with no parole. And for raping a 94 year old, that would be entirely appropriate.

During the attack, the elderly woman managed to push her St John alarm, connecting her by voice to an ambulance control room.

Duncan calmly told St John that she was his mother and the call was made in error.

However, St John sent two officers after the alarm was pushed a second time. When they arrived at the house, Duncan walked past them, calmly saying, “It’s okay, she’s asleep in her bedroom”.

They noticed he had a knife in his hand.

After the attack, Duncan went to a dairy and calmly ordered a pie before catching a taxi.

This is who Labour is letting out early. He will no doubt reoffend within weeks or months of being released.

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