Possible jobs for Jacinda

Jacinda is only 42 years old, so obviously will have a career post-politics. She probably won’t want much at first, as family time will be a priority. But with her international recognition, there are a number of roles she could do. The Christchurch Call is obviously important to her, so just around that, the possibilities are:

  1. Become the Executive Chair of the Christchurch Call, and continue to meet with heads of governments and tech companies to reinvigorate it. Her working FT on this would make a huge difference.
  2. Take up a second level role in one of the giant tech companies, such as Nick Clegg did with Facebook. Not only would she earn squilliions, she could make change from within.
  3. Be appointed by the NZ Government as its global ambassador for cyber-security and cyber-responsibility.
  4. Take up a UN role such as head of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, which deals with cyber issues and violent extremism.
  5. Ambassador to the US. They love her there. She would gain huge profile for NZ and have massive access to top US officials

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