`How has Labour’s Class of 2017 gone?

Eighteen Labour MPs entered Parliament in 2017. which ones have become Ministers and which have been sent a message saying thanks but no thanks?

Allan, Kiri – Minister of Justice

Andersen, Virgina – Minister of Communications

Coffey, Tamati – Chair, Maori Affairs Committee

Craig, Liz – none

Eagle, Paul – retiring

Jackson, Willie

Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Anahila – none

Lubeck, Marja – Chair, Education Committee, retiring

Luxton, Jo – Under-Secretary for Education, Agriculture

McAnulty, Kieran – Minister for Local Government

O’Connor, Greg – Deputy Speaker

Prime, Willow-Jean – Minister of Conservation

Radhakrishan, Priyance – Minister for Community

Russell, Deborah – Minister of Statistics

Strange, Jamie – Chair, Economic Dev Cmte, retiring

Tinetti, Jan – Minister of Education

Warren-Clark, Angie – Chair, Social Services Committee

Webb, Duncan – Minister of Commerce

So there are five 2017 MPs who are standing again but haven’t been trusted with a role in the executive. They are bolded above.

Four of them are List MPs, so it is doubtful they will receive a high list ranking. The other is Greg O’Connor who holds Ohariu. He is the only (non retiring) electorate MP who came in, in 2017, not to have been promoted to the Executive.