Remember how he was a reformed man!

Stuff reports:

A high profile senior Mongrel Mob member who once enjoyed fleeting international fame for having ‘Notorious’ tattooed across his face, can now be revealed as the man who assaulted a good samaritan in Napier.

Poutawa ‘Puk’ Kireka, 35, appeared via audio-visual link before Judge Russell Collins in Napier District Court on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to assaulting the man as well as kidnapping and assaulting his partner, and possession of cannabis.

He brutally beat up a 76 year old man because they gave a lift to the woman he was beating up. In 2021 he said:

I’m living proof it can be done, with the right support and the right people around you, you can turn your life around.”

“People will always judge me for the patch I wear but people will also support me for the positive vibes I reflect out to the people,” he posted on the page.

“Actions will always speak louder than words, true leaders always lead by example even behind closed doors.”

Actions do speak louder than words.

Also worth noting he has two previous jail terms for violent offending, including shooting a woman. If Three Strikes had not been repealed he would be in line for a sentence of 14 years with no parole.