Takes preciousness to a new level

CNN reports:

The director of a leading German ballet company is being investigated by police and has been fired for smearing dog feces on a critic’s face after taking offense to a review she wrote.

According to journalist Wiebke Hüster, Marco Goecke, the head of Hanover State Opera’s ballet company, verbally attacked her during the intermission of a ballet premiere performance. The confrontation seems to have been spurred by a previous review that Hüster had written, Hüster said. 

“Goecke rubbed the dog feces hard and most brutally into my face,” Hüster told CNN Wednesday. “It was in an open dog plastic bag which usually is tied up with a knot,” the journalist added.

If this happened in NZ, the ballet director would probably get a grant from Creative NZ for creating a new artwork! 🙂