The Government’s many stances on Auckland schools and ECEs

Here is the timeline of the not at all panicked and confused Government on schools and ECEs in Auckland.

  1. Schools may close if necessary
  2. All schools and ECEs must close for a week
  3. ECEs don’t need to close if parents need to send kids to them
  4. Schools now told they may be able to open this week
  5. Schools told they can open on Thursday

It has been confusion for parents, schools and ECEs. A mixture of panic and over-reach. I think Covid-19 desensitised the Government to only using its powers as necessary. Never before has an entire city had every school close for a week, due to flooding which has only majorly impacted part of the city.

Closing 2,000 schools and ECEs because 20 schools were damaged was a panicked over-reaction. We know this, as they are now trying to walk it back.

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