A four way race for Northland?

The Herald reports:

NZ First will try to claw its way back into Parliament by running a “two-tick” campaign in Northland through veteran MP Shane Jones.

The party tumbled out of Parliament in 2020, when Jones was also running a two-tick campaign in the seat. He came third, more than 10,000 votes behind Natonal’s Matt King.

Labour’s Willow-Jean Prime won the seat – but narrowly.

This means there are five credible candidates in Northland:

  • National’s Grant McCallum, a long-term National activist and local farmer
  • Labour’s Willow-Jane Prime, just promoted to Cabinet
  • DemocracyNZ’s Matt King, who leads the new party and is the former National MP who won it off Winston in 2017
  • NZ First’s Shane Jones
  • ACT’s Mark Cameron, a list MP and local farmer

It is possible that someone could win the seat with as little as 25% of the vote. Definitely a seat to watch.

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