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Radio NZ report:

Green Party MP Elizabeth Kerekere has been chastised by party leadership after calling colleague Chlöe Swarbrick a “crybaby” in a text message sent to other MPs in error. …

The text was sent to a group chat of Green staff and MPs while Swarbrick was speaking in the House on her Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Harm Minimisation) Amendment Bill on Wednesday night, which failed at first reading.

A screenshot of the message leaked to RNZ shows Kerekere’s text: “Sucks that her bill goes through during list ranking! Please Universe, pick my bill tomorrow.”

She went on to add “omg what a crybaby”.

Imagine if a National MP called Chloe a crybaby. They would be denounced as being sexist and ageist and there would be a 10,000 signature petition within hours demanding they resign.

When contacted by RNZ, she denied calling Swarbrick a crybaby.

“I didn’t call Chlöe a crybaby, and I don’t think I can comment on it, but I didn’t call her that,” she said.

Umm, you are denying screenshots showing you did.

RNZ understands Swarbrick and Kerekere have not had a good relationship for some time.

I presume there is jealously here. Chloe has actually won an electorate seat, ran a major referendum campaign and often features up to 5% in Preferred PM polls. While Kerekere is most well known for resigning as the Greens Health and Covid-19 spokesperson after breaking self-isolation rules. 99.9% of the country were unaware she even was their spokesperson until she resigned!

Also of interest is that someone has given these screenshots to the media – a message that only went to Green MPs and senior staff. I doubt a staffer would give this to the media without permission, so this implies the hatred is so bad within the caucus that one of their ten MPs leaked it to damage Kerekere.

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