Hipkins merger going so well

Stuff reports:

One in three staff at Te Pūkenga don’t believe there is a future for them at the new mega polytech, while the vast majority surveyed would not recommend working there to whānau and friends.

The national tertiary provider carried out its fourth employee questionnaire in November 2022, with 50% (4311) of staff responding.

Staff were then asked “how likely are you to recommend Te Pūkenga as a place of work for your whānau and friends”.

The answered generated an Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS), a measurement used by the business community.

A score above zero is considered good. The worst score is -100.

For the organisation as a whole, Te Pūkenga scored -59, while every polytech received a score of less than zero.

This merger was Hipkins’ pet project. It was not recommended to him. He ignored all the advice about maybe doing some regional mergers and decided to centralise the entire industry.

The result is a cost blowout in the hundreds of millions, fewer students completing courses and staff so unhappy that almost none of them recommend it as a place to work.

What a huge success!

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