Bet you none of them have paid additional tax?

The Herald reports:

A group of 96 wealthy New Zealanders are calling on the Government to tax them more. …

The group wrote an open letter to the public and politicians of Aotearoa explaining how frustrated they are at the amount of tax they pay, and they wish to pay more.

Nothing is stopping them.

The Treasury has a bank account that people can donate money into. These 96 New Zealanders can within minutes pay as much extra tax as they want. The bank account is 03-0049-0000327-25.

The Taxpayers’ Union has written to all the signatories informing them that they can donate additional tax to Treasury. They even offered to award them a Taxpayer Hero award if they do so.

I bet you however that not a single one of them pays a dollar more. Which means that actually their motivation isn’t for them to play more in tax, but for others to be forced to pay more in tax.

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