Pagani skewers the Maori Party

Josie pagani writes:

Rawiri fumes at the royal family who “ask you to turn a blind eye to the genocide, rape and oppression they continue to be responsible for”, while telling us to turn a blind eye to the genocide, rape and oppression in plain sight in Ukraine.

He tells us not to “stick our noses in other people’s business”, that this is a “proxy war” between the US and Russia. As if the indigenous people of Ukraine have no agency in fighting their oppressors.

President Vladimir Putin is an old-fashioned empire-builder, running amok like a modern-day Christopher Columbus.

He has form for this. He has suggested Russians are indigenous to Ukraine, instead of Ukrainians. Instead of solidarity for the indigenous people of Ukraine, he effectively sides with their wannabee coloniser and conquerer.

Ukraine has a chance to end this war, but only if others, including New Zealand, continue to have the moral courage to stand up to modern-day colonisers.

The war will end when Russia is militarily defeated and its leaders conclude their colonial war was a mistake.

Spot on. Once it can no longer be upon as a victory, then we will get peace.

It is surely right that a free people fighting for their lives and their culture in a war they did not provoke, against what is unquestionably colonisation, deserve the maximum support we can give them.

When you can find the courage to condemn a tie as a symbol of past colonisation, but lack it to condemn Russia for abducting children and ethnic cleansing, I suggest it is time to reset your moral compass.

Just wait until he is a Cabinet Minister, setting our foreign policy!

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