Ipsos Issues May 2023

Ipsos have released their latest issues monitor. Let’s look first at what the most important issues are (respondents could pick three):

  1. Inflation 63% (+7% from a year ago)
  2. Crime 40% (+14%)
  3. Housing 31% (-6%)
  4. Health 31% (+2%)
  5. Climate change 23% (+5%)

No surprise inflation remains the most important issue, but of significance is 40% of NZers now pick crime as in their top three. This is up 14% from a year ago. This is a real achilles heel for the Government.

The overall performance rating for the Government is at a new low for the Government of 5.0/10. It has been on a steep decline from 7.3/10 since the end of 2020.

They also ask which party is best on the issues, and the current results are:

  1. Inflation National +6% (was +10% a year ago)
  2. Crime National +10% (nc)
  3. Housing National +3% (was +8%)
  4. Health Labour +5% (was +8%)
  5. Climate change Greens +19%

So National is seen as better on the three top issues, Labour on the 4th top and Greens on the 5th top.

They also have an interesting comparison of issue importance with Australia. The stark difference is crime – 40% of NZers have it in top three and only 15% of Australians. I guess Australia doesn’t have a catch and release policy Government!

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