This is good discipline

The Herald reports:

Two of Act’s current MPs are keeping a stiff upper lip following their recent demotion on the party’s list, which risks them missing out on another three years in Parliament.

Chris Baillie and Toni Severin were the biggest losers in Act’s list for this year’s general election, released on Sunday. Baillie, ranked fourth in 2020, fell to 17th while Severin dropped from ninth to 14th.

Baillie, speaking to the Herald last night, admitted he hadn’t been expecting to drop so far down the list but said he was largely unfazed by it, citing additions of high-profile candidates such as ex-Federated Farmers president Andrew Hoggard and former National MP Parmjeet Parmar.

“I sort of suspected that there were a few others in the wings who would be really good contenders, so yeah look, I’m not bothered,” he said.

“I’d love to spend three years actually having a bit of say in the legislation as opposed to these three years, but if [I don’t get in] then I certainly won’t begrudge anyone for that.”

Severin, Act’s Corrections and ACC spokesperson, accepted it was a slight blow to drop five places in the rankings but she was nevertheless confident on a return to Parliament.

“I don’t see it as a step back at all, this is just what happens when you have new talent coming,” she said.

“Like everything, we’ve all got egos [and] it took a bit of a hit but, in general, I’m pretty happy.

“I’m pretty certain this time around that I will be back in and [I’m] looking forward to working with my new teammates.”

Severin didn’t believe any of the current MPs would feel resentful and said people of her and Chris’ vintage were no strangers to a bit of adversity.

“Chris and I are both probably of an older group that we’ve had probably tonnes of knock-backs in our lives, but you just pick yourself up and move forward and, you know, you can’t compete when you get high-calibre people coming forward to join the party.”

This shows remarkably good discipline and loyalty within ACT. As I said the list ranking was quite brutal on incumbents, but none of them have had a tantrum. In fact they are saying they understand the need to bring in fresh blood.

Compare that to the Greens where one MP was so distraught she was *only* ranked No 4, she was openly plotting to undermine the No 3 candidate. It was classic ego over party.

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